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How to check who visited my facebook profile 2019

Hello friends, welcome again to my channel In this tutorial I will be showing you simplest way to know who visited your facebook profile You just need to download an app from play store so let’s start First you need to go to play store and here you need to search who checks my profile And here you need to download this app Once download completes, just launch it And here you need to tap on connect with Facebook It will prompt you to enter your facebook credentials You need to enter your facebook username and password here and login here you need to press on OK Now it will load It’s loading the details of the person who visited your facebook profile And here it goes Now you can see the name and photos of friends who visited your profile And here you can see two tabs Your friends and strangers If you tap on strangers, it will show the person who visited your profile and not added in your friend list Yes, it’s done It’s very simple. Isn’t it?

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