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How To GET Google Business Profile REVIEWS For 2022

So you know that Google Business Profile reviews
are important and you know it’s important to try   and get your customers to give you reviews but how
can you get them to give you those reviews in the   first place and also what about all the other
questions about reviews what happens if you get   a bad review do you have to have a 5.0 review
on every single review for it to be of value   and why is it some businesses seem to rank ahead
of you even though their reviews are less than   yours it all seems so confusing sometimes from
the outset well here’s the good news did you   know that Google actually wants you to get reviews
and it wants those reviews to come through thick   and fast but here’s the interesting part Google
doesn’t just want you to get good reviews it also   wants you to get some bad reviews well genuine
bad reviews as in the fact that people perhaps   want some improvement from the business Google
likes the variation of reviews so having every   review perfect isn’t what google considers as a
trustworthy review and did you know that Google   reviews are not a major factor in the ranking
of your business but they are a major factor   in the purchasing or the buying of your business
from your customers so in today’s video i’m going   to answer your questions and I’m going to show
you what google’s looking for in your reviews   i’m also going to look at what you can do with
bad reviews why reviews disappear how you can get   more reviews quickly and how you can easily get
reviews to give you a ranking boost and ultimately   this should increase your traffic your ranking and
therefore your sales so how much does it actually   cost to get google business reviews well they’re
absolutely free as simple as that but of course to   get reviews people have to have a reason to give
a review and the power of the word because can be   quite powerful so you can just say to someone is
there any chance you can give me a review because   it will help other customers find me just giving
that power reasoning will increase your reviews by   33 on a take up so let’s take this question does
google actually want you to get reviews well yes   it’s encouraged as you can see here google
wants you to get reviews it makes it clear   get reviews it shows you how you can get reviews
it shows you ways in which you can get reviews via   twitter via facebook maybe just a link that you
can post in an email and send out to customers   the fact that google has support pages as well to
help you get good reviews shows the importance of   reviews so there’s no doubt about it google wants
you to get reviews now on this youtube channel   it’s like a community where we have questions
and i try and answer them as well and some of the   questions you put forward about reviews recently
with some really good questions i mean here was   one of them it was asking the question would it be
spammy to have a review updated and a photo added   so the reason this is being asked is because maybe
some reviews have already been given but looking   back now the keywords used or there wasn’t a photo
by the person reviewing it they’ve then spoken   about these things together and they’ve said yeah
i’m happy to go in and i’ll revise my review it   could be that the customer had a bad review and
now they’ve put things right and so they want to   upgrade that to a good review then whatever the
situation is google doesn’t mind you going in   and revising a review as long as it’s genuine and
another question you notice on my community was   people asking can you give a google review without
a google account well you could in the past that’s   now changed so if you’ve got a video that says
you can just have to bear in mind google’s now   change that and you can’t give a review without
a google account but of course if you’ve got any   questions then put them down below in the comments
if you have got anything at all that you want to   know about google business profile or about web
design or any seo questions in general put them   down below and while you’re there obviously do
subscribe give a like and do the things you need   to do to be alerted to my next video as well so
you don’t miss out on these little gems that i’m   sharing with you but what about when you get a bad
review should you remove it should you reply to it   we have to decide is it genuinely breaking the
rules now if you want to know what the rules are   then you need to flag it and be familiar with
what some of those things are you need to flag   so here you can see the various things that are
needed so you can select what reason there is   for flagging it but if it’s just annoying
the fact that a customer didn’t enjoy your   service or didn’t particularly find it helpful
what you did for them then it may just be there   some valid information there and so the best thing
then would be to try and contact the customer   and put things right if at all possible but if
they still have an issue with something well   sometimes that isn’t a bad thing as you can be
seen here google does like to see bad and good   reviews and when you think about it if you were to
purchase something wouldn’t you be interested to   know not just what the good reviews say about it
but also some of the things that the services or   the products some of the negative things as well
and you can’t really trust every single five star   for example i purchased something on amazon quite
recently and by purchasing it when i received it   it came with this card that said if you can
prove that you purchase this with your receipt   and give a five-star review we’ll refund you like
20 pounds they were in effect were breaking the   rules because they were paying for a five-star
review on amazon which not genuine reviews but   five stars because people wanted to get 20 pounds
back on their receipt so you have to be aware that   some of the star ratings aren’t always giving
a validity or a truth to what’s being said and   google’s trying to combat that by allowing for
good and bad reviews and that not allowing it to   have a negative effect on your ranking necessarily
but of course it does have a human effect if you   get a lot of bad reviews but is there a way of
filtering out bad reviews just so that generally   good reviews come through onto your business or
on your website well there is there’s a brilliant   little tool here that i just want to show you
is you can send your customers here and they get   a choice to choose whether they’re happy or sad
with your services if they say it was an excellent   service or they thought it was good it’ll take
them through to them the ability to put a review   together on google business which is great but
if they then decided that they thought was okay   or bad well you may want to just interact with
them first so before they put the review on google   that you get this opportunity for them to email
you or contact you and they can explain why they   weren’t happy with the service now the beauty of
this is it just filters out really the bad reviews   means people are content and happy can go through
to google people that aren’t so happy can speak   to you first what a great little tool this
is i’m going to put some links down below   so you can have a look at that tool now one of the
things you may have seen is that people like to   add their reviews to their website why well again
it builds trust and how helpful is it if you go to   someone’s website and you see they’ve got google
reviews doesn’t that make you feel there’s more   legitimacy more trustworthiness behind
the products that they’re reviewing   or the comments they’re making about the business
so how do you get that integrated is there a way   of doing that into your website well yes there’s
a few ways to do it so near the end of the video   i’ll reveal how you can get that into your website
so why do reviews matter what’s their reason   for being so important to google and to your
customers and therefore to you well human trust   is a large part of what affects people’s signals
to google so their click-throughs generally happen   on those that have a higher rank the human effect
the trustworthiness it produces does give the   right signals the right click-throughs to google’s
algorithm it’s commonly known that most people   will check an online review beforehand six out of
ten in fact but ultimately it’s about conversion   in fact when they reverse engineered all of
google businesses or google business profiles   uh listings and algorithms and everything about it
the biggest impact on humans is ratings or reviews   now have you ever had it where someone’s put a
google business review for you but it just doesn’t   show and they say they’ve sent it they said you’ve
uploaded it you just can’t find it on your google   business profile so what’s going on there there
are several reasons why that could be the case   and often it’s a bit unknown as to why
google hasn’t allowed it to go through   and if you look at some of the violations it
could just be that a certain word was used   it could be it was from a certain ip
address it’s too close to your ip address   it could be the email that was used as from the
same business as your owns whatever the reason   is google obviously has found a violation and it
may well be that it’s wrong so what can you do   well you could ask the person to try again
that’s probably the first thing you could try   at the end of the day if you can’t get that review
for some reason or another showing on google   business profile then use another platform like
facebook yell because those reviews will also add   towards the trustworthiness of your business so
google actually ranks you not just based on google   business reviews but one of the best things you
can do and i mentioned this earlier is add reviews   to your website why because it builds trust and
also looks great and also gives an opportunity for   visitors to your website to also add a review to
your google business review profile so if you want   to build that trust up within your website and
you want to know how to do that then head over   to this video now and i’ll show you exactly
how you can integrate it into your website

Rank Number 1 On Google 2022……..

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