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Social Media For Restaurants-Mexican Restaurants Using Social Media Successfully (Case Study)

In this video I’ll review how restaurants using social media successfully helped a Mexican restaurant double their Facebook page likes increase recommendations and saw a rise in foot traffic by making this one small change stay tuned to learn more now this Mexican restaurant tried various marketing strategies and never really saw any significant results they did the occasional posting on their Facebook page but received very little engagement so they agreed to implement the check-in system to help bring in more customers through a word-of-mouth marketing our team announced the restaurants check-in system by adding table tents to each table to entice customers to check in the Mexican restaurant made an offer to check in and save 10 percent on one meal the stuff also encouraged people to check in after they received their meal so they could take a picture of their food to post in their newsfeed once the table tents were implemented they saw an increase in the number of check-ins on all their Facebook page stats such as likes and reach the stats indicated that more and more people are learning about the restaurant through the word-of-mouth referral of friends that have eaten at the Mexican restaurant once the team implemented this check-in strategy for November the average page likes doubled the reach also increase meaning more and more people are seeing the page and the post which leads to increase exposure for potential new customers when someone checks in it is seen in their newsfeed for all their family and friends to see where they are eating this is seen as a personal endorsement of the business according to statistics 92% of people act on trust the advice and recommendation of their friends and family in addition due to the recent Facebook algorithm changes they are putting a huge emphasis and making it a priority what friends and family share therefore these check-ins are not only a powerful form of word-of-mouth marketing but they are also favored by facebook as stated previously when a check-in occurs it is seen in the newsfeed of the person’s family and friends however the check-in is not seen on the restaurants page therefore the team manually repos the check-ins onto the restaurants Facebook page for all the restaurants fans to see who has checked in this provides social proof that people are visiting the restaurant and they love it a monthly contest was also implemented and promoted via the Facebook page to further encourage people to check in each month they have a different prize to be awarded and announced via the Facebook page as you can see reviews have also increased and some reviews are even mentioning the check-in system needless to say the Mexican restaurant is very happy with the results of the check-in system they are happy that all their social media stats increased check-ins likes reach and recommendations which is a great branding and social proof which leads to new customers learning about their business due to the success of the check-in system the restaurant is also implementing more of the additional services that we offer to further enhance their online presence these additional services and the check-in system will not only make their current customers their biggest ambassadors but they are also attracting new customers at the same time which lead to an increase in their bottom-line profits if you want to increase your bottom-line profits let us implement a check-in system for your restaurant contact us today for free no-obligation consultation

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